Mission Statement

Through advocacy and education, the Association unites and supports area home builders, remodelers, associates, and their affiliates and promotes construction of safe, affordable homes and resilient communities.

The objectives of the Association to achieve the mission statement shall be:

  • To associate the home builders within the area of territorial jurisdiction for purposes of mutual advantage and cooperation.
  • To develop and maintain within the home building industry a high appreciation of the objectives and responsibilities of home builders in fully serving the public.
  • To advocate and encourage the constant improvement of home building techniques and practices.
  • To promote and protect home ownership.
  • To cooperate with other trade associations in matters relating to the advancement of the home building industry.
  • To advocate, adopt and enforce a code of ethics.
  • To collaborate with distributors and manufacturers of building materials and equipment to maximize quality at minimum cost to the consumer.
  • To comply with all laws; federal, state and local.
  • To disseminate information of value to Association members, the public and government.

Code of Ethics

The active members of the Association subscribe to, and are bound by, the following Code of Ethics:

As members of the Association we believe and affirm that:

  • Home ownership can and should be within reach of every American family.
  • Homes should be built under the American free enterprise system.
  • We should constantly seek to provide better values, so that an even greater share of our people may enjoy the benefits and enjoyment of home ownership. 
  • To achieve these goals, we pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies:
    • Our paramount responsibility is to our customers, our community and our country.
    • Honesty is our guiding business policy.
    • Members shall comply with rules and regulations prescribed by law and government agencies.
    • As members of the Association, we agree not to obtain any business by means of fraudulent statements or by use of implications unwarranted by fact or reasonable probability.
    • As members of the Association, we agree to carry a proper amount of liability and property insurance and if we have employees, to carry worker’s compensation insurance as required by state and local laws.
    • Every home shall reflect high standards of health, safety and sanitation.
    • Members shall deal fairly with their respective employees, subcontractors, suppliers and customers.
    • As members of a progressive industry, we encourage research to develop new materials, building techniques, building equipment and improved methods of home financing, so that every home buyer may get the greatest value possible for every dollar.
    • All sound legislative proposals affecting our industry and the people we serve shall have our informed and vigorous support.
  • We endorse the American free enterprise system and the “American Way of Life.” We pledge our support to our Association members, our local, state and national associations and all related industries concerned with the preservation of legitimate rights and freedoms.
  • We assume these responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are part of our obligation as members of the Association, Home Builders Association of Iowa, and National Association of Home Builders.