Remodeling An Existing Home

As you spend time visiting a home show, or a parade of homes, you can soon discover that your current home probably needs to be "freshened up".

This could range from a new coat of paint to a total upgrade of your kitchen.Greater Cedar Rapids Area Home Builders Association Certainly, painting a room could be something you might handle yourself, but if it is a total overhaul of your kitchen, then you are going to need the guidance of a professional remodeler.

A professional remodeler can turn the dreams and budget of a home owner into a beautiful new living area. They have the expertise and skills to work with a home owner and make sure factors such as resale value, quality materials, and functional design are appropriate for your family’s lifestyle. Here are some tips that may help you with that special project.

Compile a list of home remodeling ideas and draft a budget.

You likely have some projects in mind, such as modernizing the bathroom, renovating the kitchen, replacing windows or repairing the roof. Prioritize your wish list: Maybe you don’t have the budget for your dream remodel, but professional remodelers can maximize your dollars by doing the work in phases, suggesting budget-friendly materials, and implementing creative designs.

Look for a professional remodeler to help plan the project.

Start by searching our Member Directory. You’ll get a list of nearby remodelers to contact. Asking friends and neighbors for names of qualified remodelers will also help you find a match for your project.

Check the references and background of the remodeler.

After you have selected one or two who match your project’s needs, be sure to conduct some background research by checking with the Better Business Bureau, talking to their references, and asking if they are a trade association member, such as the NAHB Remodelers. Remodelers with these qualities tend to be more reliable, better educated, and more acquainted with current design trends.

Agree on a contract.

Talk over the details of the home remodeling project and begin reviewing the contract. You’ll want to check the remodelers’ insurance coverage, ask about any warranties on their work, know who is responsible for obtaining any building permits, and understand the process for making any change-orders after the contract is signed. Make sure that you and your remodeler are "on the same page" before signing an agreement.