Member Categories

Greater Cedar Rapids Area Home Builders Association

The Greater Cedar Rapids Housing & Building Association offers three membership categories. The common goal of each category is to bring together all the people who are directly or indirectly connected with the home building industry. Membership allows you to instantly become a part of a network of your peers that shares with you the challenges and rewards of the building industry. Here are the three categories:

Builder Members

Builders are the heart and soul of the GCRHBA. Builder members are directly involved in building homes and commercial properties. They include small-volume builders, production builders, commercial builders and remodelers.

Associate Members

Associate members provide the products or services to the builders. They sell lumber, windows, appliances, plumbing fixtures, or services such as mortgage financing, insurance and legal advice. The home is not complete without the help from the Associate member.

Affiliate Members

The Affiliated member category was intended to get employees of Builder and Associate members more involved with the association and to enjoy the benefits of membership at a fraction of the cost of a full membership.

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